Click Worthy Snippets for the Time Poor:

Writing social media content is an art. Initial contact content often consists of only two or so lines or sentences. They have to “attract” you, draw you in and make you prepared to invest time to click through to the video or full article.

Perhaps you are selling a vacuum cleaner:
Click here to view the new, improved features of the robotic sucker 2000.
Set the timer, drink a latte and relax on the couch while the new improved robotic sucker 2000 vacuums for you. View our demonstration video.

Which one might draw you in? This kind of content is not a headline nor an article but it has a very important function, to lure the reader to the next phase.

At all times it is important to remember who your target market is, for example most homes are vacuumed by adults, probably working full time and of course, how this will benefit them.

The length of your initial contact text is important, too long and the audience won’t even attempt to read it, too short and you won’t have enough information or substance to lure the reader. Yeah in the words of Goldilocks it has to be the middle one, just right, enough content to sound attractive.

Posting your content on the correct social media platform for your target audience is also of importance. Vacuum cleaners on Instagram probably won’t do the trick for the 18 to 29 year olds who comprise 43% of the users of Instagram.

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