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Web developer | IT Support Specialist

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My Personality

I am enthusiastic, an extrovert and born leader. I strive to build personal relationships with my customers and co-workers, while providing a high level of service to them.
I have an analytical mind and thrive on hitting KPIs and pushing myself to my limits.
I built this page to demonstrate my ability in building fast, responsive and powerful websites. It took approximately 4 man hours to complete this page using a mix of existing and new graphical assets.

Relevant Skills

  • Website development – HTML, CSS, SQL, WordPress and Avada.
  • UX design – Heat mapping, Split testing and Retention testing.
  • MS Stack – SharePoint, Dynamics, Navigator, AD and 365.
  • IT Support – Help desk and Call centre support [Both high call and job volume and large customer bases]. Onsite maintenance and installations.
  • Documentation writing – Internal processes, Documentation and Conventions as well as Website copy and Customer facing documents.
  • Google Stack – Gmail, Docs, Drive, Adwords, Analytics, Dev tools and Chrome setup.