Frequently Asked Questions

These are some frequently asked questions relating to our core services.

Website Development:

  1.   What platform do you use?

We build our websites on WordPress. This allows our clients to enjoy ease of use and accessibility to update and make changes to their page as required.

  1.   Do you provide training on how to use and manage the websites?

Yes! We provide detailed documentation on how to do everything from logging in to exporting your own blog posts.

  1.   Do you offer after completion revisions and support?

We stand by our websites and only complete when our clients are 100% satisfied. Additionally, we offer full support for one month after purchase.

  1.   How can you afford to make sites so cheap?

Our website production is highly automated.  We use innovative templates and add-on tools, controlled by highly specialised developers.

  1.   Who pays for the domain and website hosting?

Unfortunately, we are not a web host. We require our clients to have their site hosted and managed before we can begin work.

  1.   Can you set up a website from scratch?

Yes! However, we require our clients to purchase hosting and domain. We can take it from there!

  1.   What are web 2.0 features?

Some example of web 2.0 features that we can build into your website include live chat, analytics, social buttons, social feeds, sliders and responsive design for mobile.


Social Media Management:

  1.    What if I am not on all the social networks?

We can establish your business on all key social networks and market accordingly.

  1.   What if I want to add or remove a network at a later date?

You are welcome to change your package at any time and can make changes with an email or phone call.

  1.   Am I free to cancel at any time?

Yes. Contracts are such a nineties thing.

  1.   What day of the month am I going to be billed?

Your billing cycle starts the day you sign up and rolls over every month on that day.

  1.  How does your advertising in The Professional & Enterprise packages work?

If you purchase either of these packages we will start planning and selling ads that point straight to your site or social network on Facebook with a monthly budget of $75 – $150.

  1.  Can I add or remove networks not on the list?  

We are always looking into adding new networks; however, we only operate a standard list to ensure all customers receive consistent, high quality content.

  1.   Where are you located?

We are based in Sydney, Australia but operate entirely on-line. We have staff in Hong Kong, China and Australia!

  1.  How often do you post content?

We post 1 – 2 pieces of original content depending on your package. And yes we do work weekends!

  1.   How much input am I required to make?

As much as you want! If you want complete control and to tell us exactly what to post that is okay, alternatively we are more than happy to generate the content on our own.

  1.   What kind of content do you post?

We post a mix of info graphics, text, pictures, links and videos to your page and tailor it to your industry so you can maximise fan engagement.

  1.  Can you setup my social networks?

Yes we can! Some of the ground work will have to be done by you but we can optimise, brand and launch them free of charge!

  1.  What information do I need to hand over?

We will need administrator privileges on your accounts but the exact information will be sent to you when you have joined.

  1.   How can I sign up?

Click the join now button on the package you want and sign up!